The Pioneer Podcast Launches!

Here is the link for the first episode of the Pioneer Podcast!

And... here is the link for the first episode of the Raintree County: i-Witness to History podcast!

We recommend that you download these mp3 files and play them locally on your computer rather than try to "click and listen" from this site. You will be able to start and stop the audio as you wish, load it onto an iPod or other mp3 player, burn the file to a CD, etc.

To do that (on a PC), simply right-click each link above separately and choose "Save File as" or "Save Link as". Choose the directory you want to save to (e.g. you Desktop) and you're off!

Feel free to email any of the actors in the podcast: If you are addressing a specific actor, simply name them in the subject line of your email and we will get the message right to them.

All other official email to Pioneer Playhouse should go to the regular Pioneer Playhouse email address:

Call the Playhouse office: 859-236-2747