Pioneer Playhouse in the Press!!

A few quotes from the article "Ten Good Reasons to Visit Pioneer Playhouse Right NOW" by Candace Chaney...

"They work harder than you for much less money... folks who work summer stock are the anti-divas of the theatre circuit... they truly do it all. Some might call this a moderate form of masochism. Others know it as maniacal dedication. Either way, ain't non of 'em gettin' rich. Come on. They just want to see your smiling face."

"They have a podcast. How cool is that? It may be the oldest theatre in Kentucky but it's still a pioneer!"

The Pioneer Podcast Launches!

Here is the link for the first episode of the Pioneer Podcast!

And... here is the link for the first episode of the Raintree County: i-Witness to History podcast!

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To do that (on a PC), simply right-click each link above separately and choose "Save File as" or "Save Link as". Choose the directory you want to save to (e.g. you Desktop) and you're off!

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All other official email to Pioneer Playhouse should go to the regular Pioneer Playhouse email address:

Call the Playhouse office: 859-236-2747

Pioneer Podcast - Episode Two!

Here is the link for Episode 2 of the Pioneer Podcast! It is 22.8 MB

And, here is the link for Episode 2 of Raintree County: i-Witness to History! It is 6.3 MB

For simple downloading instructions, check out the Episode One entry below.

P.S. For more advanced users who want to stream the podcast or get other downloading options, go here for the Pioneer Podcast. And go here for the Raintree County 'Cast.

Pioneer Podcast - Episode Three!

Here's the episode link.

Things are in full swing at Pioneer Playhouse now and the podcast gang really gives us a peek "behind the curtain" this week.

Pioneer Podcast - Episode Four!

Here is the download link for Episode Four!!

With three episodes of the Pioneer Podacst already under their belts, the podcast crew gets a bit more comfortable with telling you more secrets of life at the Playhouse.

Pioneer Podcast - Episode Five!

Here is the download link for Episode Five!

Life does get hectic at Pioneer Playhouse. Just when you think a show is open and you can relax, BAM! the next auditions begin. Stick with us as we take you through the wonderful life of Summer Stock Theatre.

Another great way to listen to the Pioneer Podcast is through iTunes. You can easily "subscribe" to the podcast using the orange symbol over on the right. Just download and open iTunes to the "Podcast" section and drag-and-drop that icon into the list. iTunes does the rest!

Pioneer Podcast - Episode Six!

Here is the download link for Episode Six!

Some of our podcasters are finishing up their terms at Pioneer Playhouse soon. Only one more podcast to go after this week for Eben French Mastin and Patricia Hammond. Not to worry, we are training in some new blood already and we know you'll like what you hear.

Pioneer Podcast - Episode Seven!

Here is the download link for Episode Seven!!

Eben French Mastin and Patricia Hammond have departed the ranks, but there's still a lot more fun going on at the Playhouse!

Pioneer Podcast - Episode Eight!

Here is the download link for Episode Eight!!

Newcomer to the ranks, Norell Hall lets us in on how casting works here at Pioneer. The ranks of the podcasters grows thinner and a couple of the usuals are tied up this week.

Pioneer Podcast - Episode Nine!

Here is the download link for Episode Nine!!

Norell Hall educates us on some common theatre terminology and Holly says good-bye to summer.

Pioneer Podcast - Episode Ten!

Here is the download link for Episode Ten!!

Pioneer Playhouse is running on a skeleton crew, but bringing in record crowds. The few remaining pod-crew members let you know what it's like to be among the last standing.

Pioneer Podcast - Episode Eleven!

Here is the download link for Episode Eleven!!

The end of the summer is nigh and only a handful of actors remain at the Playhouse. The usual podcast crew invites their other fellow actors to join them in a roundtable discussion of the ups and downs of the summer. There were tears. And laughter. This episode is a bit longer, but well worth the listen.

Meet our Podcast crew!

It occurred to us that you might like to see the faces behind the voices you hear on the Pioneer Podcast. Here they are in all their glory!

Eben French Mastin - Never an offstage moment

Patricia Hammond - Once an ingenue, always an ingenue.

Robert G. Hess - "Always let them see you sweat."

Jeffrey K. Miller - Lawrence Olivier meets the Marlboro Man.

Robert Beiderman - Best Actor in a Never-Ending Drama

Holly Henson - Heart of gold... tongue of riding crop.

Poem by Robert Beiderman

Pioneer Playhouse's own Robert Beiderman wrote this. (Applause!)

You are different. You’re special.
A million people on this planet call themselves actors,
But 90% would not go through what you have.
All night techs, sleeping with the bugs,
And a 2-week rehearsal process that serves not as an excuse…
But as a gift of time to find the perfection we all strive for.
Your pay is not measured in monetary sums,
But in handshakes and smiles…
And on this hallowed ground you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now where do you go from here?

You will be released back into your former world,
Bringing with you a newfound strength in yourself.
From your eyes shines a beacon of light,
Rich in the many colors, shapes and textures your soul has to offer.
Love and Caring, Jealousy and Hate.
Wisdom. Ego. Confidence.
You will embrace the bad with the good.
After all, it’s what separates us mortals from the Gods.
Your voice will carry the power move thousands to laugh, to cry & to think,
All on your command.
You will have the power to move mountains; to change the world as we know it,
To give hope to the hopeless and direction to the lost.
And through it all you will forever be nurtured and loved in the chamber of my heart.

This is your prophecy as I see it.
You will touch those who once thought they were untouchable,
And I will be the first.